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about us byron medicine wheel

Corinne Woodward & Damien Renaux

Corinne and I met in Chicago, USA, in 1988, and we both enjoyed living in America for a few years. We then settled in the beautiful south-west region of France for 15 years, where life was sweet and the food & wine were exquisite!

In 2006, with our five daughters, we came to Australia and decided to settle in the beautiful Byron Bay area.

For many years, Corinne and I have shared a great interest in the field of spirituality, personal growth, metaphysics, sacred geometry, alternative therapies, alternative education and many other similar exciting and enriching subjects. Knowing that the Byron Bay community abounds in these centres of interest, without hesitation we made the decision to come and live in this amazing and unique part of the world. We love this area and feel privileged to be part of the Byron community.

In November 2009, we acquired the Byron Medicine Wheel, a Byron Bay Day Spa on Jonson street with the objective to take the renowned healing centre to the highest level possible. To create a space of integrity, love, compassion and of the highest vibration – allowing each client to transform.

new age shopIn October 2014, we launched our first online shop NEW AGE SHOP.COM.AU
Please visit us here: New Age Shop . By becoming a member of New Age Shop online you get an immediate 10% discount on your next purchase.

Byron Bay Massage

If you are looking for a quality massages from experienced therapists in Byron Bay, at Byron Medicine Wheel you may choose from various massage therapies such as Kahuna massage , Pregnancy massage, Deep Tissue massage, Remedial massage, Reflexology massage, Shiatsu massage, Ayurvedic massage and much more. Please read our vision and mission.

Healing in Byron Bay

If you are looking for a powerful healing in Byron Bay, please enquire about our services that include Theta Healing, Reiki, Naturopathy, Hypnotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Zen Shiatsu, Kinesiology, Reconnective Healing, Sound Healing, Holistic Counselling, Ayurverdic treatments, Channeling, as well as Psychic Tarot readings, Astrology (onsite or Skype and email readings) – are all available at the Byron Medicine Wheel.

In our Byron Bay New Age Shop, we offer locally and hand-made products, fair trade, organic and recycled gift ware, organic skin care products as well as numerous books, CDs and DVDs in the field of spiritual growth, crystals, meditation, yoga, parenting, healing, sexuality, dreams, animal communication and more. We also offer a wide range of tarot and angels cards.

Our philosophy is to offer quality and original products along with supporting local artists and artisans. We give priority to products made in the Byron Shire and in Australia but we also support fair trade products. Corinne spends a lot of time trying to find meaningful products at the best possible price that are made with love and consciousness.

So when you come to the Byron Medicine Wheel, we hope you enjoy our Byron Bay Day Spa services as well as the caring ‘ambiance’ of the practitioners.

Finally, Corinne and I wish to say how grateful we are to the beautiful practitioners who are passionate about being of service to others. And it goes without saying, we express our deepest gratitude to all our customers for their interest, for their trust and for making the Byron Medicine Wheel such a special place.

We love our business and are grateful for the joy we receive from assisting others – thank you to those who frequent the Byron Medicine Wheel.

Peace and Blessings.

Corinne Woodward & Damien Renaux
Owners  of Byron Medicine Wheel and  New Age Shop

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