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Mercury in Scorpio and Venus's union with Mars by Varij
By Damien Renaux
In: Blog

August 6 Astrology Update

August 6 Astrology Update by Varij


August 6 Astrology updateThis week’s major planetary alignment is the stellar Mercury, Venus, Jupiter conjunction in Leo squaring a newly direct, but still slow moving Saturn in Scorpio.

A moment of truth has arrived. Am I as good, great and deserving of love and success as I think I am?

The stage is set for a decisive encounter between heartfelt enthusiasm and a potentially harsh inner or outer judge and critic. This is a reality test for all our hopes, dreams, and aspirations for love, fame, and fortune.

Which way shall the Wheel of Fortune turn?
Toward elation or disappointment, success or failure, or both or neither?

There’s no success like failure, and failure is no success at all“ - Bob Dylan

To explore further how this significant planetary alignment may be activating your personal birth chart come along to every Thursday night’s Temple Byron Transformational Astrology Group or contact Byron Medicine Wheel to book a reading.

May the stars be with you!


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