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Communicate from the intelligence of your heart
By Damien Renaux
In: Blog

Awaken Your Heart Intelligence

Courage + Presence = JOY

with Rita Cramer

FREE Introduction evening
Wednesday 23rd September 2015 between 6pm & 8pm

Then the group class will run for 4 weeks from Thursday 30th Sept. to 28th Oct. 2015 from 6pm to 8pm

Fee (8 hours): $95    -   Concession: $80

Venue for both @ Byron Medicine Wheel, 84 Jonson street (cottage at the back)

Enquiries & Bookings: call Rita 0438 733 127 or Byron Medicine Wheel 6685 8366


Awaken your heart intelligenceI am offering you the next generation of teachings that will help you to:

  • access deeper levels of aliveness and inspiration that will facilitate choices based on clarity
  • connect with others authentically in all aspects of your life
  • experience JOY as your innate well-being,
  • maintain peace of mind, regardless of what arises.It takes courage and willingness to put into practice the present moment teachings
    I invite you to learn and experience skills for standing strong in the present moment and to:
  • welcome the scariest places within you
  • become more judicious in the use of defence mechanisms
  • see honestly where you begin to shut down and learn how to open up your heart again
  • liberate yourself from unhelpful self-judgement

The miracle of healing occurs through the amplified field of group dynamics. It safely supports your internal process safely in the present moment where defences melt and unclaimed ‘range’of emotions emerge into an open heart.

You will experience a transformational process of knowing how to live your life compassionately with yourself and others around you. All becomes clear about your needs with an enhanced capacity to express yourself more authentically. As a consequence JOY, the essence of what you are, reveals itself.

Rita Cramer lives up to her promise of delivering on next generation teachings. Her joy, insight and compassion light the room as she guides participants through personal journeys mirrored in the collective. The intelligence of this work is astonishing, as well as practical and life changing.“ Stephanie Dale – Author & Journalist

Awaken your heart intelligence with Rita Cramer

Every Wednesday 6pm to 8pm

from 30th Sept. to 28th Oct. 2015