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Byron Bay, Australia

By Damien Renaux
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Byron Bay Healer Gabriel’s story


Byron Bay Healer  Gabriel’s Story

Byron Bay Healer Gabriel's story

It all started for me when I was just a young boy around ten years old when the “healing” seed was planted in my subconscious by neighbours one summer’s day in the suburbs of Johannesburg South Africa. My friends and I were playing, as we did most afternoons after school, and this included picking fruit for our neighbours. That particular afternoon we were invited in for a refreshing drink and the “lady” of the house took my hands in hers and felt the energy in my being. She and her group of friends used to hold séances and do “readings” and she told me that my hands were meant for healing and that one day I would leave the commercial world for the healing world, and be assisting others. I had no idea at the time what she was on about or that it was in any way true!

A couple of years later, I came home from school with terrible pains in my abdomen. My older brother had come home early with a similar complaint. My parents had called in the doctor and after the examination my brother was immediately admitted to hospital to remove his appendix……and quite amazingly, as soon as this was done my pain disappeared and I was back outside playing soccer with my mates. My brother and I were very close. He was like my guardian angel, always looking out for me – protecting me. Quite a number of years later after my father had died from a blood transfusion contaminated with Australasian hepatitis, I moved to Durban on the coast. I think I was 30 at the time. One afternoon, all of a sudden I felt very tired and drained, totally immobilized I couldn’t move from my chair, my head was so heavy I had to rest my head in my hands at my desk. It took me about a half an hour to finally find just enough energy to push myself up, walk to the car and head home. Where I instantly lay down and crashed into a deep unconscious sleep. That night the phone rang and it was terrible news. My brother had had a stroke while on the operating table for minor surgery. He would not recover and died the next morning as I entered the hospital.

Byron Bay Healer Gabriel's story

Some years later I moved to the USA and on one of my South American sojourns I contracted hepatitis. I went through a period of intense fear and although married I felt alone, scared and fragile. Both my parents had passed on and this was the first time in my life I was seriously ill and felt very alone. After six months in a caravan park on Malibu beach drinking juices with my trusty Norwalk press, I started to feel stronger and less afraid, when a dear friend invited us to house-sit her home in the Pacific Palisades. The perfect opportunity for more respite and one day my partner said look at this ad, ‘beginner’s yoga intensive this weekend at the Sivananda Yoga Centre on Sunset blvd’…..hmmmm. It said ‘a great way to remember how to relax and live without fear’.

I arrived for the intensive course and was the only one who turned up! Swami Sita, a Vietnamese lady, said it was fine she was prepared to teach 1 or 20. What mattered was I had come along and it was my time. Yes, it certainly was, and I was standing on my head by lunch time. I did not know it then, but that was also the moment I stepped into my “healing shoes”. Swami Sita had been holding the space for me throughout the day and now our roles had reversed. I was now holding the space for her to open up and share what was in her heart – fears and anguish. At the end of the day I was holding her sobbing body in my arms, offering empathy and nurturing, supporting her in her healing process.

Byron Bay Healer Gabriel's storyI went onto do the yoga teachers training course, 6 weeks full-time in Val Moren, Canada, with Swami Vishnu Devananda. I did not know it at the time, but it was going to be a life changing experience. After my first week there I was torn apart, distraught and ready to go home and forget about yoga altogether. After all, I had decided to become a teacher of the physical when in fact that really is only a minor part of the practice. The Ashram was a learning place for our souls, connecting us to spirit and helping us shed prejudice and old indoctrination in the various religions we all came from. It was 5:30 am we were all in the hall, sitting in mediation and waiting for the chanting to begin. My head was breaking up, I was screaming inside my Jewish head as I struggled to deal with this environment of Gods and Idols that were like the forbidden fruit. I was going to give up, save my soul and go home that day….little did I know. Sitting there in silence in the hall I looked up and saw that Swami Vishnu had arrived, then suddenly his presence was right in front of me, I felt his large forefinger on my forehead right on my third eye and he started to twist like a corkscrew and then I felt the release of a heavy blockage with a great big popping sound in my head. My body collapsed like a rag doll, flopping over and I began to sob my heart out. After awhile the chanting started and I joined in, tears streaming down my face, my heart a light and filled with joy. It was as if every Angel in the world was singing in and through my heart.

I was spending my holidays at the Sivananda Yoga Farm in Grass Valley Northern California, when I was invited to join the Phillips School of Energy Massage and Healing. A few of us yogis went to the movies and it was in the cafe next door where we were snacking before the movie that my next invitation arrived in the form of burning energy sensation in my shoulder. I was leaning against the notice board, right against a flier for the Philips School of Massage!  The next day I called up and made an appointment to see Judy, the owner and Crone extraordinaire. Our meeting was inspirational, emotional and intense. We cried for an hour, we laughed we hugged we understood each others souls. We could feel the magic all around us and of course I instantly knew this is where I would come to learn more. The course was another 6 weeks intensive that included – talking circles, healing circles, hands on body work, intensive weekend workshops with amazing teachers, all this while I was teaching early morning yoga classes. I was in heaven.

My intuitive hands have now found the right balance between subtle but at the same time powerful bodywork combined with healing energy. The energy I channel opens the heart to listen to the heart, allowing the heart to release its pain and sing its joy. Every path I have walked has been an invitation by spirit. Spirit invited me to seek out my healing destiny. My life has never been about money or status; it has and always will be about ‘healing’. It’s not a career with certificates or diplomas or any other material proof of what I am doing. Healing is regardless of boxes and labels we love to give things – for me it is only about the healing and being of service, through which I am evolving.

If you want to know more about Gabriel’s treatment read here and watch his video.

Byron Bay Healer Gabriel's story

Byron Bay Healer Gabriel’s story