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Byron Bay, Australia

By Damien Renaux
In: Blog

Doctor of Osteopathy Matthew Fourro

We’re pleased to present Matthew Fourro, Doctor of Osteopathy, practicing at the Byron Medicine Wheel on Saturdays and other days in the week by appointment.

Matthew is a Doctor of Osteopathy, a 130 year old system of western medicine established by the American physician Dr Andrew Taylor Still, and today is practiced around the globe. In Australia, it is a Government regulated allied health profession. Dr Still conceived Osteopathy as a form of “bloodless surgery” – referring to the detailed knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology of the joints, muscles, fascia, organs, nerves, blood and lymphatics when diagnosing, treating and managing patients with their hands. Small changes to structure and function can create large effects when it works in harmony with the self-regulating intelligence inherent in all of us.

A wide variety of hands on techniques can be used to affect these tissues to relieve, release, and self-regulate themselves toward better states of health. Soft tissue work, manipulations, joint play, oscillations and subtle release work are tailored for a patients needs, as well as diet, lifestyle and exercise advice if needed.

Osteopaths work with patients with a wide variety of problems. A medical history with indicated medical examination, postural and movement assessment are basic routines. Osteopaths are widely known for treating musculoskeletal injuries and joint pain and other pain syndromes, headaches, and back and neck pain, but pregnancy pre and post care, breathing disorders, digestive problems, genitourinary complaints, ear/nose/eye/throat problems, and arthritis related pain are also common presentations. Health fund and Medicare rebates are available when indicated.

Doctor of Osteopathy Matthew Fourro | Byron Medicine Wheel