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House Land Clearing by Byron Bay Healer
By Damien Renaux
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Focus on Dean Rawlings Healer

Dean is an amazing Healer who spent 2 years in Bhutan where the monks used to call him “Himalayan Hands”.

Dean, you are from New Zealand and have chosen to settle in Byron Bay a few years ago and have been practicing at the Byron Medicine Wheel since 2010.

You’ve had the amazing experience of living in Bhutan for two years and also spending some time with the monks. In short, can you tell us what you gained through this unique experience?

It was life changing in many ways both in the physical and spiritual sense. The beautiful energy in Bhutan allowed me to learn so much and of course working with the monks was a gift from heaven. Bhutan is a Buddhist country and along side of it being a religion it is even more as a way of life. Living amongst happy people in this high altitude, stunningly beautiful yet at times challenging country allowed me to see that true happiness does not come from owning many possessions. Living a simple life connected with nature and the people deepened my spiritual connection within myself helping me to become more centred and grounded.

Please tell us a little more on how your healing skills developed and how you reacted when you first discovered your amazing gift?

I was born with these gifts but I had them knocked out of me as a child. I lived a part of my life with little or no spiritual connection and I struggled to fit in to everyday life. When it was time for my gift to awaken again it came in many ways and was at times almost too much to take. I had so many spirits wanting to communicate with me at one time it became overwhelming. I was fortunate to be given a wonderful guide and mentor of an Indian Chief I called White Cloud who helped me through these times. I was also shown how to heal through my hands and my heart which started with firing energy across rooms to family and friends and healing people through photographs.

I also went looking for someone to teach me what to do with this gift but this was not my path and I was shown I was to trust spirit so that I could learn what I needed to know directly from them. The beautiful guidance and teachings I had from the spirits opened a new world and I found I could work more easily with the people, animals and energy land clearing.

The gifts I have been entrusted with have enriched my life and I am forever grateful for their energy but I never take them for granted and I understand that they will always change as I learn and grow.

Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?

As I can see energies and feel energies within the person I’m working with I become the facilitator between the person and the spirits. It is spirit who decides what the best healing energy is for that person at that time. Energy blocks are then removed from within allowing them to become whole and complete within themselves. We are energy and it is so important that energy flows freely within us.

You’ve successfully helped many people to heal in the past few years. What do you think are the most common issues your clients consult you for and in your opinion what do these ailments mean to you with regard to the world and era we’re living now?

There are many types of ailments people come to see me for and every one of them is personal to them. If I was to put them under a few titles they would read as follows: Stress, Fear, Relationships, Self worth, Physical ailments. Each one is a huge subject in itself.

I feel the Dalai Lama summed it up in one quote:

“I believe that to have world peace we must first have inner peace. Those who are naturally serene, at peace with themselves, will be more open to others. I think this is where the very foundation of universal peace lies.”- 14th Dalai Lama

It is my observation that people are far more aware of the need to let go of their past stories lightening their load so they can move forward with their lives in a peaceful and harmonious way and this will make a huge contribution to the world we live in. Change can only happen when we change from within. I believe it is happening now and that is exciting.

Can you tell us about the most incredible or rewarding healing session you’ve ever done?

Each healing brings its own rewards. For example to witness a person distraught with fear, anxiety and self doubt leave a session balanced and empowered is incredibly beautiful.

For me it’s not about me healing people but rather being appreciative that I have been entrusted with this gift to help others.

Dean does also House & Land Energy Clearing and Animal healing.

He practices at the Byron Medicine Wheel on Fridays and Saturdays but upon request can also offer sessions other days of the week.

Focus on Dean Rawlings Healer | Byron Medicine Wheel