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By Damien Renaux
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Focus on Nicola Grace

International Best Selling Author, Life Purpose Consultant, Intuitive Visionary and Psychic Tarot Reader at the Byron Bay Medicine Wheel

Last year she helped over 1,000 people from around the world find their Higher Purpose and Personal Mission. This year in 2013 we are excited to be able to offer you her Life Purpose Consultation and Mentoring services.

What’s your life purpose?

Nicola, you’ve been an Intuitive Visionary and working, speaking and mentoring in the personal and spiritual development arena now for 20 years. Tell us how and why you came to be consulting with people on their Life Purpose?

Having had to face cancer twice in my life now, the critical component to my recovery has been stepping into my own Life Purpose and the higher aspects of that work. The universal creative energy that flows through me when I’m on purpose, is similar to the universal healing energy in that it helps the body rejuvenate. The exciting new frontier in brain science called neural plasticity, is beginning to teach us why and how having a purpose in life actually keeps us in a state of regeneration. There are certain brain cells that fire off messages to regenerate when we are passionately engaged in a purpose. It’s a common phenomenon in many people who face life threatening illnesses and depression, that what they feel had kept them alive was a sense of having a purpose. Why I now help people find and follow their purpose is because it not only leads to the greatest satisfaction and success in life, I truly believe stepping up to our Higher Purpose is what will help solve many of the problems of the world, and create a better place for us all to thrive in.

That’s an interesting thing you just said there, tell us more about why you believe living our Higher Purpose will create a better world?

Sure, it happens to be one of my favourite topics to talk about. The phenomenon of small movements, having an effect on larger systems, has been coined as a phrase called ‘The Butterfly Effect’, by mathematician Edward Lorenz.

The worker bee is a great example of this ‘Effect’ because without the daily activity of these small creatures gathering nectar, we humans would most likely starve to death. Everything that eats plant life is kept alive because of the simple activity of bees collecting nectar, taking it back to the hive and pollinating plants as they go, also helping in plant propagation. Those plants, and for carnivores the animals that eat those plans, are what we eat to survive. Saving humanity from starvation is a huge ‘Butterfly Effect’ for such small creatures carrying out the simple purpose of gathering nectar.

We humans are no different from the worker honey bee in that we cause a ‘Butterfly Effect’ with what it is we do. The very small or big things we do has a ‘Butterfly Effect’ on larger systems and the world at large. We are unconsciously causing effects daily. When we begin to consciously focus our actions according to the higher level of our Life Purpose; then we begin the process of a positive ‘Butterfly Effect’, making an even bigger difference that can solve all manner of the world’s problems. This is nature’s design.

I consulted with over 1,000 people from all walks of life in 2012 alone. In 100% of the cases, when their Higher Purpose illuminated for them, I could see that by them doing the very thing they were born for, the ripple effect or the ‘Butterfly Effect’, would impact the lives of millions in positive ways, and create a better world.

Can you tell us a little bit about what you do?

I help people gain crystal clear clarity on what they are here in this world to do, and how they can bridge the gap between where they are now and how to get to be living their Life Purpose. Plus we identify all the potential obstacles, sabotage patterns and challenges they might face along the way. Then we devise a plan together on how to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time. If wealth is what a client wants, then I can go into their Life Purpose Blueprint at the Soul level and pull out their multi-million dollar idea. That’s actually my favourite part because when I help reveal this part of a client’s purpose, the light that flashes in their face and the excitement they feel, is worth a million dollars right there.

I use a number of techniques and processes to help clients arrive at full recognition of their Life Path. Firstly we’ll connect with the Soul by examining the clues it’s left behind in the client’s life and decipher the meaning of those clues. Then I go into my Intuitive Visionary work to join the dots. I also like to do a bit of a reading using the Voyager Tarot because the imagery in this deck connects me to the client’s Life Path Blueprint much faster. By the end of the first session we’ve discovered that Life Path Blueprint and we’re ready to move on to session two, which is either going to be ascertaining their multi-million dollar idea if wealth is what the client wants, or looking at the ways to monetize their purpose. Once we have all the facts in, so to speak, we then move to session three to accurately pin-point the action steps that need to be taken, and devise a strategy to take them from where they are now to where they want to be.

For clients who want to make sure they reach their destination, enjoy the journey along the way and have the support to spot and overcome challenges, I then have a mentoring package that takes them by the hand and walks them through that journey toward their goal. It’s a navigation system that I have developed to help clients get over the hurdle of getting started, and getting past blocks that come up along the way. We also start to develop a connection to their Inner Guidance System so they can use that to accurately navigate their way through their Soul Blueprint for their life.

You’ve successfully helped many people to find and follow their Higher Purpose. What do you think are the most common issues your clients consult you for, and in your opinion what do these problems mean to you with regard to the world and era we’re living now?

There are three common themes in the issues that people come to me with.

  1. The first being, they know they have a purpose, but they don’t what that purpose is. Usually I’ll find there is some block in the client’s mind that prevents them from cognising as to what that purpose is. This is where I can help greatly, because my Intuitive Visionary work goes right to reading their Soul’s Life Path Blueprint to help them until they can read that blueprint for themselves.
  2. The second common one is that they have ideas, and an inkling as to what their purpose is, but they’re don’t know how to join the dots so they can proceed and make forward progress. Often I find at the heart of this issue is a lack of connection to their Higher Self and lack of confidence. This is why I have developed a mentoring package for clients, because I see all too often that once people know their purpose, they get sidetracked or stuck, coming to a grinding halt, never getting their ideas off the ground because of this lack of connection and confidence.
  3. The third common issue is fear – fear of taking the first step toward living their purpose because they’re not sure it’s the right thing to do. Often they also assume they will have to take some kind of financial reduction in order to live their purpose. This is one of the reasons I love pulling out multi-million dollar ideas and helping clients find how to abundantly monetize their purpose.

We then build, what I call, a Matrix of Beliefs that knit together the hemispheres of the brain that contain purpose and finances. Most people do not have their brains wired to prosper and thrive living their purpose. They’re not adequately monetizing their purpose because of this lack of wiring. This wiring is a really important and fun process that I love to take people through. What we now know, through new brain science discoveries, is that if our brain is not wired for what we desire, we cannot manifest that no matter how much we use the Law of Attraction to do so.

In my new book “Discover What You Are Here To Do”, I say that we ask of our young, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, rather than, “What have you come here to do?” This last global financial transition, as I like to call it, saw a large wave of people searching for more purpose and meaning in life. Turning away from money as the centre of the universe, and turning toward finding their purpose, became a worldwide trend as witnessed by observing Google trends of what people were searching for. The number of Life Purpose books that have been published in the last few years and purchased on Amazon, are also testament to this trend. I think this trend is part of the necessary transition from a greed cantered economy to a heart cantered economy.

That transition will be made exactly because people have the courage to take that leap of faith and step into their Higher Purpose. Ironically, as I have found with my consultations, the Soul has left us adequate provision within our Soul’s Life Path Blueprint, for us to create wealth, but by serving others not just serving ourselves. I love it. It’s a beautiful thing to see people making that transition.

Can you tell us about the most incredible or rewarding healing session you’ve ever done?

I worked with a woman who came to me lost, and looking at buying a Caravan Park. She wanted to know if that was her purpose. As it turned out it, she had a Higher Purpose to help parents; children and front line grief workers understand how to overcome the loss of a child. When we found her “monetization” idea and I reflected it back to her she started to cry. She said to me that was what she always wanted to do but she didn’t know how she could do that, and she lacked the confidence to even try. I hear that all the time. I see all to often that people’s bright ideas get put on the back burner, but these are the very ideas coming from the Soul, that form part of your Life Path Plan. This is probably the major reason I reorganized they way I work to mentor people through the process of getting fully on purpose, earning the income they desire and overcoming the challenges they will inevitably face. Most people I see get stuck and give up without that ongoing support. I know I have arrived at where I am today because I work with coaches and mentors to help be get over those humps.

The look on someone’s face when they realize how they can do the very thing they’ve always wanted to do, and the heart connect we both have in that moment, is priceless.

Nicola does Life Purpose Consultations and Mentoring Packages at the Medicine Wheel by appointment, Monday to Saturday, onsite and on Skype.