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How to free yourself
By Damien Renaux
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How to free yourself

How to free yourself… from the madness!

by Karen Grace

I sit here in meditation…I hear the birds singing…

Karen Grace Psychic ReaderAll sounds take on a special meaning when I am like this. Quiet. Open.

I hear an aeroplane and instead of allowing the annoyance of its mechanical intrusion make me tense up, I encourage it to penetrate my hearing in the same way as the pleasant sound of the birds, attaching no meaning or irritation to it.

I am for a moment…free. My body relaxes. I am one with everything.

Training with sound, feeling sound moving through my body and making friends with it through toning…through mantra, through meditation, through hearing the subtle and not so subtle harmonics emanating from a Tibetan singing bowl…has enhanced my listening abilities and given me an opportunity. A gift.

How does this help me in my daily life? How do these golden moments support me when I am not meditating, but talking, listening and running errands, doing work, being with my family? Sometimes when I feel the tension rising within me through some situation or other…or some belief arising or other…I go back to listening to the sounds around me. I focus on the more distant background sounds first…which help take me out of my identification with what is immediately in front of me. Once I have done that and can feel the relaxation returning, I bring my focus back on the immediate sounds and keep the background sounds in there. This is the audio version of peripheral vision, or of non-identification – a form of objective observation. I am a little freer from my unconscious beliefs and inner structures. I feel lighter and more present. This takes practice, and it is a wonderful idea to work in a peaceful undisturbed environment until the practice of ‘objective listening’ becomes easy to switch on. I tried doing it at a partner’s business function and in a pub. Listening to the sound of people speaking in this headspace is quite a dumbfounding experience. Impossible to describe. You become outside the experience looking in. And you see and hear a completely different perspective of the events.

How to free yourselfThe blessing of falling into silence after the sounding… after music, after singing and during meditation, is that it becomes a neutralising balance point between the seemingly incongruent perspectives of  ‘everything matters’ and ‘nothing matters’. A perspective delicately poised between the clash of the sense of my individual magnificence and the humbling recognition of my cosmic insignificance. For a precious moment I am at peace with this. For this moment in time, everything matters and nothing matters and it doesn’t feel like a disturbing clash in my mind. Phew! What a relief. I am on holiday! For a while I don’t try to work out everything with my ‘normal mind’. A higher mind steps in, and I feel ‘in tune’. This mind has a different level of intelligence and is more accepting, less defiant and beyond the ego of personality. I am closer to who I really am. I am closer to more meaningful experiences. I am closer to ‘All that is’.  All of this is rolled together in a glorious few minutes of ‘sitting’ within the gift of sound and its partner, silence.

Try it and see what it brings for you. When you get good at it you can try doing it whilst listening to a loved one speak. When you are almost a master at it,  you can practice listening objectively to really hear yourself speak (for me, it is a work in progress… Haha!)

Karen is a Healer and Psychic Tarot reader and offers consultations at Byron Medicine wheel. She is also a singer and musician and has healing & meditation music available for sale.Karen’s website: www.karen-grace.com