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Byron Bay, Australia

Healing in Byron Bay
By Damien Renaux
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Healing in Byron Bay

Healing in Byron Bay

Healing Byron BayThere is a very long tradition of being a place for healing in Byron Bay

The local indigenous Bandjalung and Arakwal people used to come down to the Bay to get well when they were sick and also to give birth. It has long been viewed by them as Women’s Country and the lush landscape and beautiful beaches and lakes have a nurturing effect on locals and visitors alike. Byron Bay is a truly gorgeous place with longtime healing wisdoms and practices.

Alternative lifestyle, Natural Therapies and Healing in Byron Bay
During the Aquarius festival in Nimbin in 1973, many students and hippies flocked to the area and many just never left. Hundreds of alternative lifestylers then began to populate the Byron Bay area. A new alternative lifestyle community clustered here in the 1970′s. This included healers, therapists and spiritual teachers of all kinds who were attracted to the abundant Natural beauty, the creative energy and to the general Byron Bay healing vibration.

Some of the world’s best healers, alternative therapists and teachers choose to live in Byron Bay or to become regular visitors. Nationally and internationally, Byron Bay is known not just as a place where you can chill out, surf, do yoga, and eat great organic food but also as a place where you can unwind, improve your well-being, find personal balance and direction and often experience transformation.

The Byron Medicine Wheel Healing Centre, created in 1999, is a place of deep integrity where these changes and catalysing experiences occur on a daily basis. Sometimes you may find that you are just knotted up in the neck and shoulders from carrying too much mental and emotional stress. A massage seems like a great idea. You surrender to the care and expertise of the massage therapist. You begin to relax. The therapist may then begin to work more subtly on your energetic body and you find yourself feeling amazingly rebalanced at a fundamental level that can go way beyond just muscular relaxation, this is part of the experience of healing in Byron Bay.

Healing in Byron BayEnergy Healing in Byron Bay
Some of our practitioners work exclusively with energy healing and you may be astonished at how effective and immediate the results are. You are likely to feel deeply reconnected and more aware of your inner world and how it might impact on your external reality. Byron Medicine Wheel’s healers observe what is out of alignment and assist you with restoring you back to your true centre. Fresh awareness allows you to take this wisdom back into your day to day life. We offer Reiki, Energy Healing, Zen Shiatsu, Body Alignment, Acupuncture, Craniosacral, Kinesiology, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Theta Healing, Reconnective Healing, Spiritual Healing, Sound Healing, Angelic Healing, Counselling, and Ayurvedic Healing.

Psychic Readers in Byron Bay
You may be curious about Tarot, Palm Reading and the fascinating world of Astrology.You are in Byron Bay.You are open to new experiences here!
The accuracy of our therapists or our Tarot reader‘s perspective on your state of being might surprise you and then you open to more enquiry. You may be given exciting and fresh insights into how to deal with life’s confusions, frustrations or blockages. The Tarot reader is there to objectively and compassionately reflect back to you the wisdom inherent in these ancient techniques and to help you more easily access your own intuitive knowledge. Virtually anything that you choose to bring to the table can be addressed. You may leave with a completely new perspective, a confirmation or with renewed clarity to help you move through any personal obstacles or doubts.

Over coming weeks we will share more of the wonderful stories and experiences of personal transformation that happen regularly at the Byron Medicine Wheel. So many people say that they don’t feel that their Byron Bay visit is complete without a regular visit to some of their favourite Byron Medicine Wheel practitioners.They send their friends. Girls bring their boyfriends in, families recommend other families, locals bring visitors. In 2014, over 5000 treatments were provided at Byron Medicine Wheel.

In Byron Bay, magic really does happen!

Healing in Byron Bay