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How to choose a healer

How to choose a healer … and what to expect?

Most people who are considering doing a healing are generally seeking guidance and wanting to feel more connected to their body, mind and emotions. They are often experiencing fatigue, lack of motivation, depression, confusion, sadness, lack of direction, disconnected, feeling incomplete, unworthy, numb or simply out of alignment. There is generally a deep desire to be more alive, happier, lighter, clearer, to have a sense of purpose, belonging and meaning …

How to choose a healerSo what is in the way of living our joy and purpose? Most commonly it is blockages from fears, beliefs and patterns we have accumulated through childhood and that dictate our adult lives. Ultimately a healing or whatever modality we choose – the list is endless – is to pin point those core issues and beliefs that are holding us back. To highlight those beliefs, we need to bring awareness, feel into them and release them. Sometimes the shift can be instantaneous and other times it can be an on-going process within the same theme or another aspect of the theme. Sometimes those themes last a life time or many life times until we have understood and no longer choose the learning.

However, when we do get a breakthrough, oh what joy, relief, understanding and clarity we gain. After which, we are never the same person – ever again.

So how to choose a healer, the right practitioner or therapist that can support us? We can start by asking around, talking to people that may know of a therapist or have heard of someone that would be suitable. Once we have found a therapist of interest, we can use our intuition and inner guidance. Does it feel right when we look at the person on their website, read their profile, watch their presentation video or meet them face to face? We try and get a sense of how they work and more importantly we ask ourselves does this person resonate with me. Do we feel uplifted or inspired in our body when we listen or read about this therapist or a modality or on the contrary do we feel heavy or tight in our body? If we are too confused and haven’t got a clue who to choose, then we can ask for guidance from our guides, angels, higher self – whatever suits us. Ask for the ideal person in ‘our highest and best interest’ and then go with the first opportunity that presents itself.  When we ask for help we are always led in the right direction at the right time – so trust. From there, maybe the first practitioner will be perfect for that given moment and then you will move on to another modality or therapist when the timing is right and it is necessary.

How to choose a healerMaybe at first keep things simple, find someone who works for you and then be committed to seeing them regularly so that you can gain the full benefit of their healing techniques to see the progression. I have experienced this first hand. Firstly a therapist that knows you well it is comforting and secondly it allows you to go that much more deeper into your self discovery. Your inner world starts to unfold. You become clearer and more aware of who you are and where you need to go. The sign that something is working is when you start to witness changes, internally and externally, in your every day life. You might be gaining in self confidence, you are speaking up, you are doing things you never dared do, you are making decisions that make you feel good, you are more relaxed, you are facing your fears, you are seeing things with a new perspective, certain friends may fade away and you are attracting new relationships, …   The key is to be patient with yourself. Allow some time to process whatever you have understood in each session. Rather than trying to figure it all out in one go and using as many different modalities, methods, workshops and practitioners as you possibly can. This may suit some people who are on a quest to ‘finding out who they truly are’. Many like to dabble in different spiritual concepts, ideas and methods, fair enough – whatever works. Some even become junkies of self development and spiritual workshops. However, when we are confused and lost simplifying is truly best. Taking incremental steps, living moment to moment, on the journey of self discovery with a person you feel safe with and who is empowering you to feel more authentically you.

 How to choose a healer was written by Corinne Woodward

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