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Mercury in Scorpio and Venus's union with Mars by Varij
By Damien Renaux
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June 2015 Astrology Report by Varij

“We are born at a given moment in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season in which we are born.” – C.G. Jung

June 2015 Astrology Report by Varij

June 2015 Astrology Report by Varij

June is Gemini and Cancer Season. Gemini is an air sign, an adaptable sign of the mind that seeks breadth rather than depth of experience, whereas Cancer is a feeling oriented water sign, that needs a sense of belonging in order to feel at home in this world. The Sun, the central life force, is in Gemini until it enters Cancer on June 22, and is accompanied all month by Mars, the action planet of passion and desire, which too enters Cancer on June 24. All month long, Mercury the planet of mind and communication is in its home sign of Gemini, due to its retrograde motion. It turns direct on Friday the 12th at 8:32 am. When Mercury is retrograde the mind is best used to review and reflect rather than initiate new plans and projects. Save that until after the 12th.

The philosophical and exuberant Full Moon in Sagittarius, exact on 2:20 am June 3, because of challenging aspects from the planet of blurred boundaries and deception, Neptune, carries the theme of sorting out truth from lies and falsehoods. It will prompt us to deal in reality rather than how we would ideally like things to be.

At 1:32 am on Saturday June 6th, Venus, the planet of love and relationship, enters fiery Leo, where it will reside until Oct 9, [except for a brief foray into Virgo from the 19th to the 31st July.] Its long stay in Leo is due to its retrograde motion in that sign. Leo is a sign of leadership and rules the heart in the body, so this is the ideal time to lead from the heart, and radiate our love light as brightly as Venus is currently doing as the Evening Star in the Western Sky after sunset.

Another strong aspect about  this June 2015 Astrology Report…

June 2015 Astrology by VarijAlso, as the month progresses Venus will move ever closer to Jupiter, the planet of prosperity and abundance, until they conjoin on July 1st. This will be an impressive visual display in the sky and is perhaps the happiest and most joyful planetary combination in the astrological pantheon!

Another planetary alignment to get excited about in June is Jupiter harmonizing with the shake up / wake up planet Uranus, building to a peak on June 22. Reach for the sky and create, originate, and innovate!

Finally, when Saturn, the Lord of Karma, re-enters Scorpio for a 4 month stay on June 15 take courage, and be prepared to pay any outstanding karmic dues. Repent, release, and forgive, and in so doing lighten your load for the exciting journey that lies ahead.

What a relief that will be!


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June 2015 Astrology Report by Varij