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By Damien Renaux
In: Blog

Life Coaching and Mentoring with Nicola Grace

Life coaching and mentoring are life changing. However, mentoring with intuitive visionary work is life transformational – it is your secret weapon!

In 2012 Nicola helped just over 1,000 people find their life purpose and life path, but she found the majority of her clients got stuck on the implementation of that purpose. They either lacked the confidence, weren’t clear on how to proceed, met with personal resistance and limiting beliefs that distracted them from their path or they got stuck at the first obstacle. That’s why she has developed the below intuitive visionary and mentoring programs to help you not only find, monetize and follow your life purpose, but also support you with the right information, tools and strategies to make sure you arrive at your desired happy and successful destination.

Because she can help you see what’s around the corner, in most cases, she can also help you adequately prepare for what’s to come, to bring you from not knowing to knowledge and empowerment. In today’s fast changing world, we could all do with a secret weapon of knowing what’s around the corner and how to deal with it, so you create consistent momentum toward your goals without getting stuck or side tracked.

Intuitive Visionary Reading

Reading on the most important topics for you to get clarity on direction, make better decisions, and discover a way forward.

1.5 hours $150

Life Purpose Consultation

Discover your life purpose, soul purpose, higher purpose, direction for your life path.
Discover the top Soul Expression Modality that leads to your greatest happiness and success.
Discover the best path forward to express your life purpose.
Discover the first step you need to take.

2 hours (1/2 hour preparation work) $180

Monetizing Your Purpose Correctly
Consultation Package

Discover the best way to create an income within your purpose so you can live an abundant life.
Create an action plan to transition from where you are now, to where you begin to make money living on purpose.
Create the right action steps that get your Life Path correctly monetized.
Identify the core limiting beliefs, ancestral beliefs and vows that separate living life purpose from making a lot of money.

It involves 1 x 2 hour session with pre-work, PLUS 2 x 1.5 hour sessions with homework.

$180 per session / or $440 (Save $100)

Higher Purpose and Higher Self Connection
Mentoring Package

Learn to develop a greater connection with your Soul and inner guidance system.
Develop a trustworthy connection to your intuition.
Identify personal blocks that stand in your way of getting ahead and making progress.
Learn how to clear personal beliefs that could be holding you back.
Receive mentoring with guidance on carrying out your action plan.
Receive problem solving readings, so you know how to keep momentum going toward your purpose.

It involves: 1 x 2 hour session with pre-work, PLUS 5 x 1.5 hour sessions with homework.

$180 per session / or $440 per 3 sessions (Save $100) or / $860 for 6 sessions (Save $220)

Higher Purpose Achievement & Success Belief Matrix Building Mentoring Package

Identify all 3-6 of your Soul Primary Expression Modalities so we can create a complete picture of how build your life around your higher purpose.
Receive email support and accountability support.
Intuitive visionary session to identify the hurdles, problems, blocks and issues you will face along the way to creating your life of purpose. Forewarned is forearmed!
Create a comprehensive strategy on how to overcome those hurdles, problems, blocks and issues, so you can avoid getting stuck making slow to no progress.
Systematically release subconscious mind blocks that could be holding you back.
Develop the confidence and self belief you need to succeed.
Develop a Magnetic Matrix of Beliefs that draws to you opportunities to reach your goals faster.
Learn how to write your life goals in alignment with your life path, so you reach those goals and avoid failure or falling short of them.
Access to the free online coaching program – Mission Blueprint (Value $978). Yours FREE.

It involves: 1 x 2 hour session with pre-work, PLUS 11 x 1.5 hour sessions with homework.

$180 per session / $440 per 3 (Save $100) / $860 for 6 (Save $220) / or $1,660 for 12 (Save $500)