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By Jane C
In: Blog

Find your mission and feel the love: March events at the Medicine Wheel

It’s that time of year when Summer dips towards Autumn and we start to become a bit more introspective. What better time for three  life-enhancing evenings in the heart of Byron? If you’re seeking clarity and direction in your life – and let’s face it, who isn’t at some stage – we have an event in March that might interest you.  Do you ask yourself:

What have I come to this world to do?
What is my life purpose and personal mission?

How am I going to achieve my soul’s mission?

newsletter_03_4_120x120On Wednesday 20th March, international best-selling author of ‘Discover What You are Here to Do’, Nicola Grace can help you to answer those questions with her amazing workshop, The Mission Mentor.

This is an opportunity to explore the big questions and bring your ideas for change into reality. Nicola will teach you how to gain a deeper connection to your Self and Mission blueprints. Your Soul does have a Grand Plan for your life – you just need to know how to awaken it.

Rita Cramer 16 Feb 12If you can’t wait until then, Rita Cramer, healer at the Byron Medicine Wheel, is hosting another evening event: Dancing with the Cells into Radical Love and Aliveness. Rita will be inviting you to “become real” by resting your nervous system and confronting what is arising in the present moment, while always feeling safe and alive within. Come along and join Rita on Wednesday 6th March, 6-8pm. Entry is by donation.

And if even that’s too long to wait, come along to meet Shadonai, who is hosting an event here on Tuesday 5th March. During her 2012 world pilgrimage, Shadonai retrieved the encodements of the Book of Love written by the hand of Yeshua the Christ during his incarnation.

Shadonai_ByronBay_ImageThese Rainbow Frequencies of the Book of Love are now the energies for the Ascension of the Heart Spirit of Humanity. Shadonai will be sharing the Rainbow Frequency Transmissions of the Book of Love in a presentation of word, song and mantras, as well as the Channelled Transmission of the Book of Love.

  •  Join Nicola Grace for ‘The Mission Mentor’ on Wednesday 20th March, with book signing from 5-6pm and the  workshop from 6-7.30pm (it’s free, but please book).
  • Rita Cramer hosts ‘Dancing with the Cells’ on Wednesday 6th March, from 6-8pm. Entry by donation.
  • Shadonai is at the Medicine Wheel on Tuesday 5th March at 6pm (entrance $15)