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Mercury in Scorpio and Venus's union with Mars by Varij
By Damien Renaux
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Mercury into Cancer on July 9th

Astrology update: Mercury moves into Cancer on 9th July 2015, by Varij


Mercury into Cancer on July 9th, at 4:51 am, speeding through the sign in two weeks! Here’s my take on how it may express when in that sign.
Mercury into Cancer on July 9th

When rational, objective Mercury is placed in Cancer, a sign of subjective feeling strongly influenced by childhood memories and early family conditioning, thoughts and feelings mix and blend. Negatively, this can produce confused or biased thinking and communication difficulties caused by taking things too personally. On the other hand, communication is given emotional tone and colour, and the intuitive faculty is enhanced, which can produce inspired insights into individual psychology and its roots in early family patterning. It is an excellent placement for child rearing and teaching, because of the ability to perceive individual needs and any emotional factors underlying learning difficulties. It also favours creative writing through bestowing a gift for characterization and an ability to evoke the feeling and mood of a particular time and place. Intellectual interests include history, biography and researching ancestry. Classic family saga novels may also appeal. For those with this placement, Cancer’s association with food, home  and domesticity make these the natural areas to apply their canny business sense to making money.

Here’s a short piece from Sun sign Cancer Herman Hesse’s Autobiographical Writings to illustrate Cancer’s fabled ability to recall the past in all its intimate particulars and emotionally charged significance. This is excerpted from my book Signs of the Zodiac: Clothing of the Self.


Oh, what a secret rhythm of remembering and forgetting takes place in our soul” – Herman Hesse

Recalling a recital by Clara Haskil in St Moritz in the summer of 1953 in which she played a beloved piano piece by Schumann he writes: “ .. as with every hearing of this noble and mysterious piece I remembered the time I first heard it, I saw the Gaienhofen house and my wife’s room with the piano, the face and hands of the player, the face of a dear guest, a long bearded, pale face with sorrowful dark eyes, bending far over the keys. Shortly afterwards this good friend and sensitive musician took his own life. One of his daughters continues to write me off and on and she was happy to hear from me fine and affectionate things about her father, whom she had hardly known. And so for me this evening in a concert hall filled with a rather worldly audience was also a little festival of reminiscences of an intimate and precious kind.

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Mercury into Cancer on July 9th 2015