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By Damien Renaux
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Opening up


What does it mean and how can we do it?

By Karen Grace (Psychic Tarot & Healer)


Opening upMany people who come to me for readings or healings are opening up. Some have already opened up and are looking for clarity and direction. Others are just starting to open up and have no idea where to start. Opening up can be a tricky business. So many missed opportunities have come from misconceptions around what we believe a word means. We could be blocking our path and remaining stuck because of a belief we are holding around something that is limiting or out-dated.

For example, if I use the word God, what do you think of?

One person may think of a wise old man looking down on us who has the power to create or destroy. Some may think of God as the deity of the Christian religion. Some may think of God as a mythic fairy tale character. Some may think of God as just one name from one spiritual belief system that has a different name in another spiritual belief system. Some think of God as a presence so vast that we could not really conceive of it. Some think of God as an energy of pure light and love…you get the idea.

So, when I use the word God, I risk alienating a good percentage of the population because of what they make that word mean. And where does this concept of a higher force or being come into the equation of opening up?

But I am jumping ahead of myself! First of all, it’s important I let you know what I mean by opening up. Opening up is about expanding your mind, releasing preconceptions, exploring your hidden potential, discovering the creative power within you, tapping into your higher self and your divinity. Opening up is about uncovering your true self, connecting to people and nature more deeply and finding out what it is we truly love and want to be. Opening up is a state of receptivity. Opening up creates flow, abundance, good health, love, peace and happiness. Opening up connects to a higher force (God, The Light, the Absolute, our Higher Self, Buddha mind, Christ Consciousness, Krishna, Divine Love….whatever you want to call it)  that can increase our lightness, our ability to love and to create and to heal our lives and those around us.

OK, so now the big question is HOW DO WE OPEN UP?

Well the good news and the bad news is that there are many ways to open up. So, although many roads may lead to Nirvana, which road is right for you, and how do you tell?

Because I have always been naturally quite open in a lot of ways…(not all ways though – I can be stubborn, lol!)…I have explored many paths of opening up.

I have studied meditation, chanting, yoga, sound healing, energy healing, reiki, colour therapy, singing, songwriting, improvisation, acting, dance, music, shamanic healing and journey work, and of course divining with oracle and tarot as well as connecting to angelic forces, nature and much more. I have had a record deal, sung on television, worked with famous people, and had my five minutes of fame.  I have a Masters’ degree in vocals and wrote a thesis on the Colours We Sing, a personal development concept using colour, sound and voice as a structure to open up within. I have travelled widely. I have loved, lived, lost, won, celebrated, commiserated, tried different courses and therapies, and still… yes, still.. I am opening up more and more. I am a work in progress!

I am still learning, and enjoying accepting where I am at whilst still striving for more awareness.

So despite my qualifications, training, experience and all those useful or not so useful pieces of paper, I am still learning how to open up more. So, where are the universities for these kind of things? Who validates this as important and necessary for the health of our society, our families our wellbeing and our global economic and environmental health? Hmmm….we are out there…and our numbers are growing…hurrah!

At SACREDLife our mission is to provide people with a variety of courses, talks and workshops to learn how to open up; to learn how to connect; to learn how to live their lives more fully, more lovingly, more creatively, more healthily, more successfully, more meaningfully.

Thank you for being you, and I look forward to meeting some of you who choose to cross our paths on the journey to OPENING UP.

Karen Grace