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Powerful Healers at the Byron Medicine Wheel
By Damien Renaux
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Powerful Healers at the Byron Medicine Wheel


Everyone is enjoying the Byron Medicine Wheel’s new (or not so new) home, which is located around the back of our old shop. We are really appreciating the tranquility of the space. It feels a bit temporary and we are open to finding a bigger location for the healing centre when the timing is right. Meanwhile, exciting things are happening with our powerful Healers at the Byron Medicine Wheel.

Powerful Healers at the Byron Medicine Wheel Nina Schepisi, another incredible healer and psychic who combines various techniques together like inner child work, Theta healing, past life regression, reconnective healing…, is offering a FREE ‘Your Personal Break Through’ CD set and book by Christopher Howard with any sessions until the 15th Oct or until stocks run out.

“I was so deeply affected by my treatment with you and I am so grateful for the healing that took place in our session together.”Rebecca Walker. The Wellness Nomad – International

Powerful Healers at the Byron Medicine Wheel Rita Cramer, is having lots of fun running her new workshop - Awaken Your Heart Intelligence. The next generation of teachings that help people access deeper levels of aliveness and clarity, assisting them in authentically connecting to themselves and others while truly experiencing a life of inner joy and peace. The workshops run for 4 weeks. If you are interested contact Rita at the Byron Medicine Wheel 6685 8366 or on her mobile -0438733127.

“I instantly felt an intimate connection with Rita within the safe space of the group. The power of the group was astonishing, it created a mirror reflection for all the participates to work from – there was no where to hide. I appreciated the authenticity and simplicity of the workshop. It was extremely transformative, as it brought awareness and shed light on deep embedded patterns and beliefs I was holding on to. Thank you Rita I am forever grateful for your work, in its purest simplicity and it goes beyond any personal healing I have ever experienced.”Coreen – France

Powerful Healers at the Byron Medicine Wheel Some of you may not have yet met our beautiful Karen Grace, who has recently joined our team of therapists. Karen perfectly combines her compassionate nature with over 20 years experience in psychic readings and Shamanic healing. Her powerful readings bring instant clarity to what is truly going on in a person’s life and her healings realign the body and release blockages and patterns.
Powerful Healers at the Byron Medicine Wheel We also have a new massage therapist. David Choppy who’s another gorgeous soul with very powerful hands and an extensive knowledge of the body. He uses the Brandon Raynor’s technique which incorporates several therapies together. David knows how to really go into the body and find the source of what’s creating all those tensions to gain the relief the body needs. You’ll come out transformed!

Looking forward to see you soon!


Corinne and Damien