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Byron Bay, Australia

By Damien Renaux
In: Blog

Share the love with your salt lamp

Are you the contented owner of a Himalayan salt lamp? Sourced from deep within the Himalayan Mountains, this crystal salt contains 84 different naturally occurring minerals and elements. Besides being mineral-rich, the lamps are natural producers of negative ions, which becalm the senses. As you already know, they’re a beautiful and atmospheric addition to any room.

It’s worth knowing a little about caring for your lamp, especially in the sub-tropical climes here in Northern NSW. These lamps will last for ever (just about), but in areas of high humidity, they can need a little bit of extra care.

himalayan_salt_whiteHere’s how to share the love with your lamp. After warm spells of heavy rain or humidity, the salt block can release some of the excess moisture it’s absorbed. After turning it off and allowing it some time to cool, use a dry cloth to wipe off any excess moisture. Once it’s dry, use a slightly damp cloth to thoroughly wipe the lamp clean. This removes any dust that remains on the surface. It also removes the white salty residue that’s left after the moisture evaporates.

Keeping them constantly lit is wise, as the warmth helps the moisture to evaporate once more. However, there can still be a salty overspill. It’s worth standing them on an additional dish rather than directly on top of precious wooden furniture, just in case.

It’s a good idea to have spare bulbs in the house, as it’s when the bulb suddenly expires and the lamp is left dark that it tends to release moisture. The quicker you can replace the bulb, the less chance of this happening. (Always ensure the base is dry and the lamp unplugged before doing so.)

The longer you leave your lamp switched on, the better it will last – and the better you’ll feel, as all the negative ions soothe your tension and headaches away.

You can buy Himalayan Natural Crystal Salt lamps at the Byron Medicine Wheel:

  • 2-3 kg = $49
  • 4-6 kg = $59