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By Damien Renaux
In: Blog

Surrender to what is

Surrender to what is. 

Say “yes” to life – and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you.”  ― Eckhart Tolle

Surrender to what isIn spiritual circles and in fact in every circle now people talk of ‘surrendering to what is’ or ‘it is what it is’ or ‘it is meant to be’ or ‘letting go’, ‘just be’ … something along those lines. Does this mean we have to let go of everything, stop taking action, grow our hair long, start smoking weed and wait for events to unfold? It doesn’t sound very empowering.

If this is the case, are we not confusing drifting with surrendering. Drifting feels more submissive with very little sense of purpose, whereas surrendering is an empowered state of trust and acceptance within the present moment. With surrender there is an inner knowing that even if we are unsure as a human being, our higher self knows and gets the bigger picture.

The key is probably ‘acceptance’, accepting that there are many things we are unable to control, like the loss of a loved one, the departure of a partner, the bankruptcy of the company we work for, … But also releasing control on the minor things that upset us, like when our partner is late for our child’s recital or he/she has forgotten the main ingredients for the dinner party or our child refuses to go to school and we are late for work, …

Surrender to what is…

Surrender to what isWithin acceptance there is a form of detachment, a state of neutrality where we are totally present and accept ‘what is’. In other words, we are letting go of our resistances and fears. We are allowing the ‘not knowing’ and trusting that all is well. Trusting is probably one of our biggest challenges as a human being. Trusting our innate power and that the universe is on our side. Einstein said, “The most important decision we make is whether we believe we live in a friendly or hostile universe.” Friendly is definitely a lot more appealing, so which universe do we want to choose? Because the only person or circumstance that is truly in our way of inner peace is our self. And yes, life does leads us in unexpected directions and in uncharted waters, but in the end if we follow the signs, the synchronicity in our lives and surrender we realize life is exactly what our soul longs for and it is beyond anything our minds could ever conceive. When we do surrender to our fears and accept things as they are, the discomfort and tensions start to dissipate. What a relief and how liberating it can be. It gives us that space to lighten up and enjoy life – as it is.

Controlling everything actually creates more obstacles and less freedom for things to unfold naturally.  Because when you think of it wanting things to be our own way is understandable, but not particularly realistic – especially all the time. In the end, when we force, push or try to control the outcome, it is very draining and we block out all the other possibilities and opportunities that are often far greater than we could have ever imagine. When we are constantly planning, analyzing, programming possible outcomes for the future, we are out of alignment with the present moment. We lose the spontaneity that only the present moment can procure. Present awareness gives us the gift of inner peace. Our senses and intuition are heightened, creative inspiration and ideas flow and we perceive life from a larger perspective.

Surrender to what isHowever, surrender does not imply that we cease all action; on the contrary we still need to plan our work and tasks, move forward, change things or even just walk away from situation that no longer suit us. Surrendering to the present moment is still compatible with taking steps in the direction of our desires, dreams and goals, while embracing the unexpected. How do we know when we are aligned and surrendering to the present moment, by simply being aware when we are not. Of course, our challenges and inner struggles are still to be expected that is all part of the human experience, but through surrender we soften to the challenges while we continue moving forward within the present moment.

So when life feels overwhelming and emotions are high – we can remind ourselves to breath and surrender to the present moment and say 3 times ‘I surrender to what is’.   Surrender to what is

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Surrender to what is was written by Corinne Woodward