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Your Personal Breakthrough CD set FREE
By Damien Renaux
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Your Personal Breakthrough CD set FREE


To get you into that Spring feeling Nina Schepisi (Healing Practitioner and Psychic) is offering a FREE GIFT worth $197 with her sessions, from 28th Sep until 15th Oct 2015 or until stocks run out.


Your Personal Breakthrough CD set FREEChristopher Howard’s Your Personal Breakthrough CD set FREE includes:

  • 7 CDs containing cutting edge self development techniques and exercises
  • 1 DVD of his ‘Live Breakthrough to Success Weekend Seminar’
  • 1 workbook – 7 day programme.
  • Complete with a compact black CD zip bag.

Christopher Howard was selling these recently as “Collectables” and was quoted saying ”It is very likely that you will never again be able to find these ORIGINAL programs in this format!” The original price of the programme is USD197. There are some on ebay at the moment for $89 AU. However, the sets from Nina are brand new, never used before and the booklets are hard copy not digital.

This is an interactive programme using powerful cutting edge tools to break through your conscious and subconscious programming that may be holding you back from the life you want to be living. You can use these step by step, practical lessons to propel you forward in any area of your life, your health, relationships, finances and career. This program can educate and transform. And you can use it over and over again to create major breakthroughs and achieve success focusing on a different area each time.

Nina says : “I usually find when we shift in one area of our lives it creates wonderful changes in many other areas.

This FREE gift from Nina Schepisi is offered with any paid session within the time frame.
Conditions: a minimum of 1.5 hrs session
Price: 1.5hrs – $150 2hrs – $185

Promo Code: Spring Healing (please mention this code to get your FREE Gift)

Promo available until 15th Oct or until stocks run out

We highly recommend that you read the article below, and if you are interested, grab your phone and BOOK a session with Nina NOW before this generous offer expires.
Nina studied with Christopher Howard completing his Fast Track to Success Courses 2008-2009 including Masters in Results technologies, Hypnosis and NLP and she then went on to work with his company as a team member at his events.

Christopher Howard has trained thousands of professional psychologists, or psychiatrists, medical doctors, entrepreneurs, Olympic and world class athletes, and ‘every day’ people looking to transform their lives in the most powerful ways and with the most cutting-edge technologies.

Your Personal Breakthrough CD set FREENina also has a multitude of certificates and extensive experience in numerous modalities. She works with Energy and The Power of the Mind, Consciousness and the Field.
Playing with all levels of Being, and keeping up with the cutting edge tools, Nina uses her knowledge, skills and experience along with her psychic abilities to get to the core of issues to help empower her clients to facilitate real and lasting change.

Her other Modalities she uses in a session include:

    • Advanced Theta Healing
    • Reconnective Healing – High frequency energy.
    • The Reconnection
    • Chi-Netics
    • Body dialogue
    • Inner Child play
    • Intergrative kinesiology
    • Past Life regression and more

Nina has also completed her studies in Certificate IV Massage Therapy giving her knowledge of anatomy and physiology and in the near future will be offering relaxation and therapeutic massage.
“Whether it is a physical, emotional, mental or spiritual condition it can all be brought into more balance, grace and joy.
Your mind, body and Spirit can be brought into Harmony, your conscious and unconscious minds can be aligned bringing you into sync with your hopes and desires and therefore bringing more synchronicity and congruency to your life. By making the essential internal changes you can create real external results and long-term fulfillment.” Nina

Testimonials for Nina Schepisi

“Having been a client of Nina’s for two years+ I wish to thank her deeply for her work. Nina’s sessions have provided me the opportunity to explore and clear old beliefs and patterns of behaviour that felt restrictive, allowing me to be more present in my life and make choices centred in my heart’s wisdom. I feel strengthened by the Reconnective energy and Theta from regular visits to Nina gaining insight and clarity into personal issues and moving further into a space of fulfilment and joy. I am grateful to have connected with Nina, her unique multi-faceted approach is both enlightening and soulful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” Kristin – Byron Bay

“I was so deeply affected by my treatment with you and am so grateful for the healing that took place in our session together” Rebecca Walker. The Wellness Nomad – International.

“Nina has a beautiful way of working with her clients, which leaves you feeling comfortable and trusting from word go. I had been struggling for most of my life to step into my full power as a woman and feel comfortable about putting my true self out there for the world to see. With only one session with Nina I felt my shoulders relax and a calm confidence replaced the tension and anxiety I had previously been feeling. Two days later I was up in front of an audience presenting and for the first time in my life I was excited, rather than nervous. I would highly recommend Nina and encourage others to experience what a beautiful gift she has.” Tarryn – Melbourne

Your Personal Breakthrough CD set FREE

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