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Byron Bay, Australia

By Damien Renaux

Zen Shiatsu Workshop

Zen Shiatsu Workshop on

Sunday 9th November 2014

10am -12pm & 2pm – 4pm

Cost: $210 (max. 10 people)
Venue: Byron Bay (TBA on booking)
Facilitator: Megan Evans
Bookings: call Megan on 0488 081 089

  • Learn how to alleviate pain & relieve stress
  • Learn how to use correct body posture for maximum benefit for client and self
  • Enjoy giving and receiving gentle healing

About Megan
Megan is a natural health practitioner specialising in Zen Shiatsu and medicinal food for the past 30 years. Formerly practising and teaching in Sydney, she moved to Byron Bay 15 years ago to continue her practise here. As well as other healing modalities, Megan is also qualified in social science, community welfare, counselling, and drug
and alcohol work. Along with daily meditation, her experience and training has helped develop deep insight and sensitivity into human nature and physiology providing a powerful platform from which she can practise and teach.

This introductory weekend workshop will provide an opportunity to learn the gentle art of Zen Shiatsu which is a profound and effective healing modality originally developed in Japan. In the practise of shiatsu, gentle pressure is applied to the body’s meridian system in order to balance and heal the functioning of the internal organs.

Under healthy conditions and in a balanced state, the energy flows freely through these meridians. When unhealthy conditions occur for various reasons, energy stagnates in the meridians producing sickness.

Therefore, in order to begin the healing process, the energy must be released and normalised. This is what we will be exploring and practising in this full day of knowledge, nurturing, relaxation and fun.
Hope to see you there!

Zen Shiatsu Workshop by Megan Evans