“We are all cells in the same body of humanity!”
Peace Pilgrim


Adria Ellis

Fusion Acupressure, Medical Qi Gong, Energy Healer, Psyk-K®, Intuitive Coaching, Facilitator for Mind, Body, Spirit healing

Adria has been practicing as an energy healer and massage practitioner for over 12 years in Australia, Canada and Hawaii. She is an internationally recognized teacher of Fusion Acupressure, Intuitive Coaching and offers Guided Meditations online and in person for spiritual development.

Adria began her studies in the healing arts over 20 years ago, weaving the philosophies of ancient Chinese Acupressure, Energy Healing, Intuitive Coaching and Qi Gong Techniques into her personal life and those of her clients.

Energetic Healing is the integration of acupressure, energy healing and psychic clearing. The session are fully clothed and include deliberate pressure to acu-points combined with inner guidance and coaching techniques derived from principles of transpersonal psychology and somatic therapy to access and release stuck energy and transform belief patterns in the body and mind. Adria has worked extensively with clients moving through pain, tension, stress, grief and loss, depression and spiritual re-connection.

“I have been receiving treatments from Adria for over a year now and quite simply she has changed my life. On my very first visit, Adria intuitively knew what my body, mind and spirit needed and was able to make a seriously remarkable difference with some things that I have been struggling with for years, in just that one visit. I believe so strongly in her healing abilities that I recommend her to any one who will listen. She is a beautiful being that I am grateful for everyday!.”

D McHugh

Massage is a relaxation therapy that uses oil to ease tension from the muscles and clear the mind of stress. With gentle hypnotic coaching, breath and acupressure, each session is focused on releasing tension from the body and returning to the heart for clarity and peace.

Adria has truly changed my life. She is incredibly intuitive and knows exactly what I need when I see her. She’s brought me to a place where I have been able to work on some serious issues that I’ve been avoiding my whole life. When I leave my sessions with her I feel as light as air.



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