What is healing?

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What is healing?

The origin of Healing or to Heal starts before the 10th century, from Middle English helen, related to German heilen, Old Norse heila, Gothic hailjan, derivative of hāl meaning whole.

To heal is to make whole, to become healthy or sound again. To restore to sound health, to cleanse, to purify. To free from ailment. Also to alleviate (a person’s distress), to correct, to restore to harmony, to friendly relations.

What is healing?

Healing can be defined as a personal experience of the transcendence of suffering. Physicians, doctors, therapists, and healers recognise, diagnose, minimise, and relieve suffering, they help patients transcend suffering. From the impacts of trauma, healing can be emotional, physical, mental/psychological, social and spiritual. It can also have a figurative sense of “restoration of wholeness”.

Synonyms of Healing or Heal are: alleviate, assuage, palliate, relieve, ameliorate, ease, help, soften, lessen, mitigate, attenuate, allay, salve, curative, curing, invigorating, mending, medicinal, remedial.

Our healers in Byron Bay are:

Rita Cramer (Energy Healing) – Nina Schepisi (Reconnective Healing) – Karen Grace (Shamanic Healing) - Greg Moore (Healing & Counseling) - Ra Ansems Ridout (Kinesiology) -


Skype Energy Healing sessions are available with Dean Rawlings – Rita Cramer – Ra Ansems Ridout – Annalies Melene – Karen Grace – Greg Moore.

Energy Healing sessions in Melbourne and  Energy Healing sessions in Sydney are also available. Please enquire HERE