“To keep the body in good health is a duty,
otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

Kinesiology Byron Bay

Joanne Farrell


Joanne is a qualified Kinesiologist holding two diplomas, each with a different focus.

Whatever your issue, Joanne has the skills and tools for an in depth focus on what needs attention; be it brain function, emotional and deep survival anxiety and stress release, depression and emotional trauma, hormone balance, organ and gland health, detoxification issues, immunity, allergies, digestion, cellular regeneration, DNA patterning, and much more – your needs will be met. The sessions dive deep into identifying the unconscious mindset of present and past lives, negative belief systems, and emotional congestion that block the way to a clear mind and balanced emotional state.

Kinesiology bridges Western Scientific medical applications of anatomy and physiology together with  the ancient Eastern understandings of the energy body.  This work supports clearing physical illness and disease, emotional blocks, negative mental patterns, and spiritual  confusion or disturbance.

In Transformational Kinesiology you can focus on spiritual transformation and awakening your consciousness to find your way to creating the life you want.  This work incorporates esoteric astrology and an application of the seven Ray energies. Using this information and creative tools tailored to your unique situation, you can  following through and move towards your  ideal vision with greater clarity and magnetism.  Coaching  sessions with guidance in this context are also be offered.

She is also a certified Educator of Transformational Kinesiology & Energetic Anatomy.  These teachings look deeply into the esoteric understanding of  the human constitution and anatomy; the energy body, aura, chakras, sacred geometry, and vitality of a person’s energy field within the greater energy matrix.  She offers workshops on esoteric teachings and dynamic exercises that activate this innate wisdom in your body and consciousness.


Are some of the words our Clients use to describe our therapists.

Joanne Farrell Kinesiologist Byron Bay

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