“In health there is freedom. Health is the first of all liberties” – Henri-Frédéric Amiel

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Naturopathy literally means “the study of nature”. It is the practice of preventing, assessing and treating conditions of the human mind and body.

By integrating conventional health sciences with a range of natural therapies and traditional medicines, naturopathy treats the patient on a mental, emotional and physical level.

The purpose of a Naturopath is to treat the whole person to stimulate and support the person’s own innate healing capacity. This is done using a wide variety of therapies, including herbal medicine, homeopathy, iridology, tongue and nail analysis, nutritional advice (diet and lifestyle recommendations), supplementation, flower essences, massage, and various other types of bodywork.Therefore, Naturopathy is concerned with treating the cause of the disease or illness, as well as the prevention of disease states, not just treating symptoms alone as orthodox medicine does.

A Naturopath aims to educate, empower and motivate the patient to assume more personal responsibility for their health by adopting a healthy attitude, lifestyle and diet.

Naturopathy can treat a wide range of health problems and is suitable for people of all ages.



Iridology is the study of the iris which is the coloured part of our eyes. Iridologists use this diagnostic tool to assess what internal and external influences are disrupting a person’s health by examining different signs, colours and markings in the iris.

Iridology provides the practitioner with important information about the state of body organs and systems, toxicity levels, genetic weaknesses, emotional health, nutritional deficiencies, as well as the vitality and constitution of each individual so that treatment can be tailored to suit each person accordingly.

Iridology is therefore a preventative health tool as disease states can be detected before they reach a chronic stage so that treatment can take place before anything more serious develops.



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