“Astrology is a language. If you understand this language, the sky speaks to you.”
Dane Rudhyar

David John Psychic Medium Byron Bay

David John

Byron Bay Psychic and Mediumship

David has over eighteen years of experience doing psychic readings and healings. He draws great enjoyment from the opportunity to help people find clarity and happiness in their lives. Love, work, financial, or any other of life’s questions are covered in his readings. He is able to contact loved one’s that have passed over, giving personal messages and information to you in a caring, warm and loving manner.

The information that David channels through is about the past, present and future empowering either individuals or couples to find a happier, healthier and balanced understanding of their current life position, and state of mind. David achieves this through a fusion of Tarot, Psychometry (reading the energy of the owner of the jewellery or metal objects by holding it), and Mediumship, working with both his spirit guides and yours.

David’s energy healing combines the different aspects of Pranic healing, enabling him to harmonize and transform the body’s energy processes correcting imbalance’s that may be occurring. He provides an effective transformation throughout the individuals being on a physical, mental, emotional and karmic level. He gives practical information for the person to take away after the treatment. David knows this is an important part of the healing process, supporting growth on an individual’s journey.

David has clients from all over Australia and has also performed readings from as far afield as France, Ireland, New Zealand and the America through Skype, and achieving excellent results during telephone readings also.

David is available for phone and Skype readings any time and by appointment only at Byron Medicine Wheel.


David has an exceptional ability. I have had the great pleasure of receiving and witnessing- that I have seen only a few times in readers over the 20 odd years I have been seeking help and guidance and connect to those passed.

David is in a class of his own in the quality and holistic approach he delivers in each reading which goes above and beyond expectations. I can personally guarantee 100% from my own readings I’ve had with David you leave David’s sessions feeling a mix of lightness, insight, direction, a sense of grounded and most of all connected to those who guide you and or have passed over.

I think what stands out for me is knowing quality when I experience it in this field. I am somewhat of a connoisseur of readings/Healings. David receives his messages ‘straight from source’ which to witness is truly amazing and not something witnessed every day in readers.

You can see this through no information given prior and the detail in which the message is delivered also the accuracy and speed to which it is relayed without tools and a bunch of questions.

Personal things that are brought up further confirm David’s genuine and pure gift there’s no room for guessing in the sessions which I love!

I believe there are many with gifts amongst us, extremely good at what they practice- but having a reading from David is a whole other level which not even words can describe.

It ensures the most accuracy, and honesty in deliverance yet not to mention going beyond by having a pure and authentic insight.

A session alone incorporates so much of which you would normally pay big money for in ongoing separate sessions.

David sessions stand out and involve some aspects of addressing past, present future, Lessons, insights, the reasons behind things not just observing-but looking at the situations as a whole and the “Whys” behind things which for me is paramount! The advice Council, healing, throughout with a warm genuine concern for wellbeing for you as an individual.

I have personally felt David has done more for me in one session than professionals who deal with trauma, grief and self-love in a “Clinical sense” for me that speaks volumes!!! He delivers authenticity to another level delivering upmost respect and confidentiality a true professional.

Like I said he delivers above and beyond -almost too good to share!!

I recommend everyone to David aid because simply put –I can confidently say “He is a master at what he does and works on such a strong level of connection and authenticity.

David’s readings are like nothing i’ve ever experienced. He has a way of connecting to the essense of your soul. Thought provoking, insightful and connecting to your deepest learnings are only touching the surface. For me David’s reading assisted me in changing my life positively.



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David John Psychic Medium Byron Bay

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