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Narayana (Karen) Grace

Psychic Reader

A psychic tarot reading with Narayana helps bring clarity over questions around important life choices, around family, finances, love and career. It can bring insight into people’s motivations and character, and can help reveal how certain choices might unfold in the future. Narayana combines over 20 years of experience reading tarot with a lifelong interest in personal development and healing to help bring empowerment and understanding into what is really going on in your life. Your key soul colours will be revealed and then the readings flow intuitively from the cards, clairsentience, clairvoyance and assistance from spirit guides. Further questions are then answered in more detail. Sometimes guides or someone who has passed over make themselves known and Karen can help connect you to them. A reading with Narayana is nurturing and caring, but she will also give you a firm nudge if you need to face the truth about a situation.


Narayana is also a healer and offers sessions using psychic and Angelic guidance, Reiki and Shamanic healing for gaining insight into dis-ease and clearing trauma from the past.
Healing sessions can also be used to clarify the best way forward with any endeavour and to gain insight into what might be blocking the way forward and tools to help overcome them.

Narayana holds a special and lifelong interest in the healing arts and has trained in and explored many different forms including: voice work, yoga, shamanic healing, crystals, meditation, singing bowls, Vibrational Retraining Sound therapy, philosophy, psychology, kinesiology,Reiki and Aura Soma colour therapy. Over the past 20 years she has developed her own unique approach to assist and empower souls on their healing path. Karen connects to her clients through psychic information, soul colours and through dialogue. A healing approach is then revealed which can include: past life clearing, Reiki and connecting to Angelic or spirit guides. Shamanic journeying (using a Native American drum)is used to clear negative patterns, reveal insight into the causes of dis-ease, to clear past life trauma and retrieve lost power.

During a healing session you might be introduced to one of your guides and this can be a wonderful way to increase faith, trust and hope and feel supported on your life path. Specific healing and protective meditations and visualisations can be channelled and sometimes they even give homework! Healing sessions can also be used to clarify the best way forward with any endeavour, to gain insight into what might be blocking the way forward and give tools to help overcome them. Each session brings relaxation and a feeling of peace, calm and optimism to help you step forward with greater clarity and confidence.

Narayana gives consultations:

  • online via email or via Skype
  • by telephone


I just wanted to say that the session with Karen and the benefits thereafter have been amazing.

I literally felt the negative energy in me being released and now feel free from it and better able to transcend other people’s negativity. I have a clearer focus as a number of other areas/issues I had were also worked upon. It is hard to convey in words but just to say that it certainly worked and was absolutely what I needed.

I will be back in Byron at Christmas and will be sure to book in again.

Many thanks, Ian

Having had many readings and healings in the last 30 years with people whom I regard as very competent practitioners – I approached Karen with an open mind recently in having both a reading and healing with her. (during a difficult period in my emotional life). I can sincerely say that I felt totally relaxed, in tune and secure in Karen’s estimation of my life through her reading. It was very real to me and relayed with empathetic detail an accurate summation. She was totally immersed and in communication with people who came to visit me (spiritually) and communicated in a sincere and very real manner.

Progressing to the healing, Karen was totally focused on helping my troubled soul, which she did with a calm and beautiful touch, feel and energy…Totally allowing me to release much pain and anguish with a sense of joy. Karen is highly recommended as a beautiful soul who cares and transmits love, understanding and healing in the most easy and relaxed but professional manner. Thank you Karen” – Enrico Mick Morena. (Adelaide)

Thank you so much Karen for the healing, I am truly grateful. Your work is amazing, you are a true professional and have wonderful healing powers. My friends and family have noticed a difference in me and I have recommended you to them all. I feel much better. Thanks again. – Sarah O’Brien – (Kempsey, NSW)

Dear Karen, I would like to share my appreciation and give many thanks to you Karen. Your tarot card reading I found to be acutely accurate and the reading really helped me to see a brighter future that is to come. You are truly gifted and I cannot thank you enough for your warmth and your time. Many thanks. – Sarah O’Brien (Kempsey NSW)




are some of the words our clients use to describe our practitioners.

Karen Grace Psychic Reader Byron Bay

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